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1st LICENSING ROUND - Data Packages

  • Data Packages

    Data Packages

    About 40% of Albertine Graben, the most prosepective sedimentary basin in the country has been explored. Currently less than 10% of the area is licensed to three international oil companies.  Uganda's first licensing round will target some of the areas with good data coverage.

    The Geological, Geochemical Geophysical data acquired in the Albertine Graben includes;

    •     10,000Km2 geological mapping
    •     10,000km2 aeromagnetic data
    •     10,000 line Km Gravity and Magnetics
    •     Over 7,000 km of 2 Dimensional seismic data
    •      2,000km2 of 3 Dimensional seismic data
    •     116 wells drilled in Albertine Graben

    Click here to download List of Data Packages available