Oil Seepage at Kazinda Town Council, Ishaka, Bushenyi District

Recently, Bukedde Television reported an oil seepage that excited the locals who thought it was an oil discovery. The report further indicated that the public had mixed information on whether it was Kerosene or any other product.

Following the Bukedde news, a brief offsite survey was conducted by the Ministry’s Petroleum Supply Department considering the four fuel retail outlets of BAM, VIVO/Shell, Kizinda and Jeruda in the area. The survey has established that there was a leakage from a 30,000 litre Kerosene tank of BAM Kizinda Filling station which is duly licensed under Petroleum Operating License Number MEMD/POL/0986-11. The outlet lost 8,000 litres of Kerosene over a two-month period and the remaining product has been pumped out of the underground tank and a contractor hired to excavate the leaking tank. The outlet owner has confirmed that the Manager who had been running the outlet on his behalf neglected roles of stock reconciliation for Kerosene whose stock turnover is always low at the retail outlet.

The Ministry is working with the proprietor to ascertain the environmental and social impact to the affected area and institute remedial measures.

Government will keep the public informed of any further developments.